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"I can't even imagine what kind of magic he has worked, but this sounds wonderful - delicate and powerful, shining and deep."

Manabu Ito aka NRV

  • High end near field monitoring with PSI A17m

  • AD / DA conversion with RME UFX

  • Fabfilter, Brainworx, Kazrog, Universal Audio, Toneboosters, SSL plugins

  • RX Tools

  • Fast turnaround

“He really gave a more of a three dimensional aspect to the piece” Mink Freud

  • £80 per album (< 40 min)

  • £50 per EP (< 20 min)

  • £25 per track (< 10 min)

  • £5 per track extra for vinyl

  • Digital/Streaming/CD/Tape/Vinyl

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