And Where Are You Really From?

Written, Produced, Mixed - Simon McCorry

Mastered - Ian Hawgood at Home Normal

Artwork - Louise van den Muyzenberg

Pre order on Polar Seas Recordings

Release 19 March 2021

My last two albums, Song Lines (Naviar 2018), Border Land (Close Recordings 2019) followed a thematic thread exploring how music holds the story of human migration and how the border between things gives the possibility to existence and creativity at both cosmic and personal levels. 

In ‘And Where Are You Really From?’ I continue to explore these ideas, taking the question, I and many people are confronted with, and twisting, reordering, undermining and subverting it. Each track is a thought on this question. Are we from ‘the life giving waters that are taken for granted’? Are we made from the thermonuclear explosions deep within the centres of stars? Are ‘we such stuff as dreams are made of?’ 

Edward Said’s essential ‘Orientalism’ examining the interface between East & West looks at European fascination in terms of power, fetishising, dominating, subsuming and colonialism. The analysis is one dimensional, the meeting between peoples is as if it is part of some board game and not on the level of individuals. Individuals can also fall in love, become friends and swap stories; unaware of any structures of power that might define them. I am a direct product, a child of people who did not see ‘difference’ as ’other’, their stories are etched upon my being at a molecular level.