Song Lines

  1. The Third Stone

  2. Whisperer

  3. The Stars In The Firmament

  4. Undefeated

  5. A Slight Return

Sounds define our perception of the world: from the chaotic Indian markets to the inscrutable English forests, they envelop everything we know and experience, and intensify our sensations. Among those sounds there are hidden melodies, travelling in the ether, which can be isolated, reworked, and transformed into more complex compositions: the representation of a particular moment, environment and atmosphere, combined with the unique taste and feelings of the person who reinterpreted them. 


With Song Lines, Simon McCorry studies our ability to listen: travelling through space and time, he catches strands of melody and transforms them into cultural impressions, shifting from East to South Asia to Africa to Eastern Europe to Western Europe. Never ever actually being any one thing. 


In a time when we seem to be losing our ability to accept what's new and “different”, Song Lines highlights the distinction between hearing and listening. The only way to perceive those feeble melodies around us is to be here and now, to look at people, cultures and places always with fresh eyes and curiosity. Melodies that become a compelling celebration of diversity.


Written, produced and performed by Simon McCorry 

Mastered by Adaq Khan 

Design and cover art by Ewa Goral

released July 28, 2018 


These tracks have been constructed in two different ways 

Invocations, Light & Water, Forest. Recordings of live solo cello through loop pedals and various guitar effects. 

Resonant Fields, Song. Separation into resonant nodes of individual bells recorded in the belfry of Gloucester 
Cathedral, reorganised in time. 

All tracks fight against the confines of artificial mechanical time - time as defined by clocks and metronomes - or rather ignore it and the expectation of pulse, metre and regularity; through rubato - ’stealing’ time - where phrases stretch, compact and switch pulse; and playing against metronomic time, layering loops that have no simple metre, if any, in common, forming a swirl of evolving sound. Each note is considered and played as if it is an entity and world in its own right, a mirror of the whole to which it belongs. 

Invocations I - III had their premiere performance at St Laurence's Church, Stroud on the Good On Paper stage as part of the Stroud Fringe Festival 2017

Available from Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify  Amazon, Tidal

The Hidden - collaboration with The Revenant Sea

1. Blood Gull

2. Broken Shallows

3. There Are No Lullabies

4. Vulture Path


Simon McCorry is a cellist, composer and sound designer and Matt Bower is a musician and editor. Simon and Matt were label mates on the (sadly) now defunct First Fold Records where Simon had released an album under his Amonism moniker and Matt had released a number of CDs as Wizards Tell Lies. During many email conversations (in which they discussed their musical training, Shostakovich, learning to listen, basses and cellos) Simon proposed that he and Matt should collaborate on something. The project was intended as a distraction, something they could dip into as and when time allowed. However, in the space of a week they had recorded three tracks. The fourth was recorded over the next few months and 'The Hidden' was complete - a rich collection of unsettling and hauntingly compelling cello and piano led dark ambient noise-scapes.credits


Released on J&C Tapes

When We Walk Side By Side What Chance Will We Meet​?​

Originally on Arell (2015) now remixed and remastered for Close Recordings (2018)


1. Somewhere In The Far Distance 
2. Contact 
3. The Road 

These tracks result from experiments playing cello through a loop pedal and a rack mount fx unit straight to record. A little editing and processing has been done afterwards, but the initial loop layers and improvisation on top remain intact. The initial building of the loop is left out as in this case it is not interesting. What emerges is a search for and then a finding and uncovering of music. For a long time I dismissed improvisation (for myself) as a means of expression, it had a danger in becoming an intellectual exercise of knowing what chord of some esoteric progression that one was in and picking out notes by numbers rather than by gut reaction. In these tracks the rule has been not play something until I ‘feel’ it. An exercise in trying to strip back to some sort of musical honesty. I’ve resisted the temptation to perfect and hone, eliminate dodgy intonation and timing, as the music then will become something what it is not here, a document of when it first emerged into the world.


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